Do you hear sirens? Find out where our firefighters are going by using Fireline. We now have two versions of Fireline to allow the public to view where our firefighters are responding as the incidents occur. Fireline uses our computer-aided dispatch system to give you the information at the same time the firefighters receive it.
If you use a mobile device (mobile phone, iPad, tablet, etc.), use Fireline Mobile.
  Fireline Mobile is a free web application designed to work with the following operating systems and browsers:
  • iOS (iPhone & iPad) – Safari & Chrome
  • Windows & MacOS – Safari
  While Fireline may work with other operating systems and browsers, it is provided to the public as-is, without technical support.
From a computer, use your browser to connect to Fireline Web.
Ride along with us by using Fireline.
With the release of Fireline Mobile, VCFD is making our data feeds public. Anyone who wants to use these direct data feeds for their own news reader or to develop their own application are welcome to do so. We offer our data in three formats: - News syndication feed, for use with RSS readers and plug-ins - Lightweight data feed for building custom web applications or browser plug-ins - Complex data feed for building web services or legacy, data-driven applications
All data feeds are updated once every minute.
Note: To honor the privacy of our citizens, the street address and the longitude/latitude are rounded to the nearest 100 block. To further protect citizen privacy, the description of the incident is displayed as a general category: STRUCTURE (fire), BRUSH, (fire) MEDICAL, TC (traffic collision), etc.